NL Sports Centre

Video Surveillance Policy


The NL Sports Centre is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all staff, licensed users and the general public. This requires striking a balance between our responsibility to promote a safe and secure environment and also protect individual privacy. Video Surveillance Cameras are used as a means of detecting and assisting in the investigation and prevention of criminal activity as well as assisting in workplace efficiency allowing staff to monitor multiple public areas to ensure safe and secure operations.


All Employees and any/all users of NL Sports Centre facilities.


The NL Sports Centre will employ the use of video surveillance in public areas of its facilities. Notice of surveillance will be posed on website ( and standard signage placed at all entrance points notifying users that video surveillance is in effect. Cameras to be placed in highly visible areas as necessary including public entrances and thoroughfares.

Recordings to be kept in locked secured area for a maximum of 60 days. Only authorized personnel to have access.