The Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Centre (NLSC) is a high quality sports facility, located in St. John’s, and officially opened in July 2008. Its construction was funded by three levels of government, the sports community, and the private sector. An annual operating grant is provided by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador through the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation (TCAR).

The NLSC is a Provincial Crown Corporation designated as a category 3 entity under the Transparency and Accountability Act for the 2020-23 planning cycle. The mandate of the NLSC Board, as described under the objects of the corporation, is:
  • To manage, maintain and operate the Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Centre;
  • To provide a high quality facility that allows Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Sports Organizations the opportunity to implement and develop programs through training and competition; and
  • To provide a high performance program that promotes and supports increased physical conditioning, skill development and overall athlete development.
The NLSC remains one of the largest indoor training facilities in Atlantic Canada. It serves as the Province’s primary venue for athlete training and development as well as the venue for hosting provincial, national and international competitions for the more than 70,000 athletes, coaches and administrators that make up Sport Newfoundland and Labrador (Sport NL). The NLSC includes two separate facilities on the same site:
  1. The PowerPlex: an indoor training facility which provides athletes with access to a 2,944 square metre (32,000 square foot) gymnasium, which is large enough to have four basketball, seven volleyball or seven badminton courts playable at any one time. Additional areas include a combat room, locker and shower rooms. The PowerPlex was expanded in 2016 to include a 70’ x 70’ artificial sports turf area, which has been named Benvon’s Room.
  2. The Dr. Noel Browne High Performance Centre: this facility is an extension to the adjacent Swilers Rugby Club. This area primarily includes a professional level strength and conditioning area, known as Riley’s Room, on par with many of North America’s professional sports teams’ facilities. Riley’s Room was expanded in 2016 to double the size of the strength and conditioning area from 2500 sq. ft. to 6000 sq. ft. The Dr. Noel Browne High Performance Centre also includes a multi-purpose meeting room and three offices.