Dr. Noel Browne High Performance Centre COVID Plan

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Manadatory Return to Play Forms

Both forms must be completed by every participant prior to first session. Please print complete and have your athlete bring to first session.

NLSC Pre Screening Player/Parent/Coach Questionnaire Form

Players, parents, and coaches must complete and submit this form pre arrival to practice. Failure to complete and submit this form will result in individual being unable to participate in scheduled practice. This form must be completed not more than one hour prior to each scheduled session.

Dr. Noel Browne High Performance Centre COVID Plan

Riley's Room Site Plan


NLSports CentreAlert Level 2 Guidance for Riley’s Room

NLSC Responsibilities

  1. Have a plan that accommodates all relevant guidance – PSO/NSO guidance and CSCA guidance.
  2. Identify Covid action/response coordinator.  (Jerome Brennan)
  3. Ensure there aredefined and directional signage outliningtraffic flow routes.
  4. Eliminate as many touch points in facility as possible.
    • Interior doors will be left open where possible;
    • No access to dressing room area; and
    • No access to kitchen. 
  5. Appropriately designate and visibly identifypersonal spaceareas for change of footwear and storingpersonal effects.Identifyareas in 5m.sq spaces.Personal space areas areto beappropriatelycleaned between user groups.
  6. Ensure signage is posted to inform all users aboutdirectional signage, approved activity areas, off-limits areas, hygiene expectations etc.
  7. Ensure suitable staffing levelsto safely implement and monitor all COVID-19 guidance and procedures.
  8. Ensure appropriate PPE is available, as necessary for all staff.Masksmust be worn, wherephysically distancecannot be maintained.
  9. Daily health checks will be undertaken withall staff.
  10. Ensure easy and effective access to sanitizerwipes and hand sanitizerand that adequate supplyis available.
    • Most relevant in high touch areas exits/entrances etc.
    • Wipes to be used in bathroom and equipment area. Wipe – Use – Wipe Policy.
  11. Ensure all areas are cleaned and sanitized at pre-determinedintervals, especially high touch areas.
    • Exterior doors, toilets & handles (urinals are touchless), paper towel/toilet paper dispensers, sports equipment and personal storage space.
    • Cleaning inventory log to be maintained.
  12. Strength &Conditioningstaffare responsible forcleaningall equipment between sessions.
    • Equipment notrequired or inaccessibleisto be placed in a designated area or marked as inaccessible.
  13. Contact information for purpose of contract tracing forall user groupsshould be takenvia BookingSoftware.Booking system accounts for this by design. No special modifications necessary. Individuals may not be denied access, if they do not volunteer to provide contact information.
  14. Ensure all users sign waivers prior to first session. Parent or guardian to sign, where necessary.
  15. Ensure all athletes complete daily health checks before attending scheduled session. Health check questionnaire maybe completed electronically.
    • This process will serveasanattendance log for contact tracingpurposesif needed.
    • No attendanceispermitted,in the absence of completed health check form.
  16. Maintain regular open lines of communication with User Groups,with respect to any issue or areas of concern where there may be breaches in protocol.


Athlete Responsibilities

  1. Respect all NLSC guidance with respect to COVID-19.
    • Complete necessary waivers before attending High Performance Program.This is only required once, to be completed at the start of program.
    • Complete daily health screening with athletes via health check forms electronically, just prior (not more than 1hour) to the start of scheduled sessions.
      • Visit www.nlsportscentre.ca for access to waivers, daily Health Check Form and COVID-19 updates.
    • Respect personal space of staff and other athletes in attendance and maintain physical distance.
      • There should be no more than 1 athlete to 5sq.m minimum or 2m physical distance at all times.
    • Athletes must follow personal hygiene standards and hand hygiene protocols, coughing/sneezing etiquette and use of sanitizing wipes in areas provided.
      • Wipe Use –follow wipe policy for all touch surfaces.
      • Use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting facility.
    • Ensure effective communication with all NLSC Strength & Conditioning coaches at all times.
      • If an athlete has questions or concerns, they should be addressed directly with NLSC Strength & Conditioning coach at that time. 
  2. Maintain regular open lines of communication with NLSC Staff with respect to any issue or areas of concern where there may be breaches in protocol.


NLSC Riley’ Room COVID-19 Plan

Riley’s Room

  1. Only PSO approved access to start. PSO must provide approval for training to resume/commence.
    • Athletes must have PSO permission to attend HP Team sessions.
  2. All training groups to be given scheduled times for training.
    • No openor drop in slots.
      • There will be an exception for designated drop in slots that athletes may sign up for.
    • Scheduled times areto be 1 hour in duration, with a mandatory 30 minute period between scheduled times for cleaning of all used areas.
    • A maximum of 15 athletes, plus 2 coaches (17 total) is permitted in Riley’sRoom at any one time. (32 Sq.M per person)
    • All Riley’s Room users will enter through the main entrance and exit through a designated emergency exit in the Strength & Conditioning room.
      • The goal is to eliminate large numbers of athletes entering and exiting at the same time; thus the 30 minute period between scheduled sessionsfor cleaning should also address this concern.
  3. Athletes would arrive ready to train,with the exception of changing footwear if required (no restrictive footwear policy in Riley’s Room for summer use).
    • Personal belongs should be kept to a minimum and stored in designated and marked personal spaces.
  4. Athlete arrival should not be more than 5 minutes,prior tothestart of training time in the parking lot. The entrance to Riley’s Room for athletes, would be at the start of designated training time.
  5. Riley’s Room staff will supervise entrance and exit of facility for all sessions.
  6. No loitering inside facility before or after training.


Accessible areas

  1. Entrance/Exit areas
    • Direction and traffic flow arrows and signage to clearly indicate enter and exit strategy.
      • The only touch point would be on main exterior door handles when entering.
      • The only touch point on would be on the emergency exit door panic bar when exiting.
      • Interior doors would be open.
        • Bathroom door handles are the only exception and will be cleaned every hour.
        • Hand sanitizer will be at this location for use before and after usage.
      • All other exiting and entering inside facility is touch free.
  2. Riley’s Room
    • Coaches and athletes to respect maintaining physical distance at all times,where possible.
      • Exceptions exist where spotting is absolutely necessary. In this instance, PPE is to be worn.
    • Water bottles and personal belongings to be stored in designated personal space and include the athlete’s name.
  3. Bathrooms
    • Only main HP Centre bathrooms are to be used.
    • Limit 1 person at a time -male/female.
    • Wipe/use/wipe policy. Disinfectant wipes will be installed in each toilet stall. Appropriate disposal bin supplied.
    • Hand hygiene protocol signage to be posted in all washrooms.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available at both entrance areas to washrooms.
    • NLSC janitorial staff to disinfect cubicle and toilet touch points between scheduled group sessions. Cleaning log to be maintained.

No Access areas (areas willbe caution taped off)

  1. Locker Rooms
  2. Staff Room Areas
  3. Swilers Kitchen Area.
  4. Any area designated no access in Riley’s Room

5 Things to Remember

  1. No Waiver – No Training
  2. Daily Health Check Form (www.nlsportscentre.ca) completed before every session.
  3. Schedule – Arrive sharp on time, Depart sharp on time.
  4. Personal Hygiene – Arrive clean, keep clean and depart clean.
  5. Questions? Ask your Strength & Conditioning coach if you need more information or clarification.  


Riley's Room COVID Guidelines